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Foam Toothpaste
Foam Toothpaste

Foam Toothpaste

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The two-step Foam Toothpaste has been designed for the lovers of a clean, white and healthy smile. Our key ingredients ensure your teeth and gums are getting the love they really want! The Step 1 process being a cleaner and Step 2 process being a whitener and stain-remover. The Two-Step Foam Toothpaste is designed to be used twice daily for the best results and easiest way for a healthy bright smile!


How to use:

  1. Use twice daily ( Morning and evening ).
  2. Apply Foam Toothpaste and brush for 2 - 4 minutes then rinse mouth. 

Whats included:

1x 2 in 1 50ml Foam Whitening Toothpaste