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What comes in the Exclusive Kit?

3x 3ml gel syringes

1x 3ml desensitizing gel syringe

1x 6 bulb LED light

2x Mouth trays

1x Teeth shade guide

1x Instruction manual


How many times must I use the kit to see results?

You get approximately three uses per whitening gel syringe, so nine uses in total, however this may change depending on how often you use the product. Generally used over nine days at 30 minutes per day, but you can adjust to how often you want to use the products. 


How much Gel must I use?

Recommended use is 1ml per use. So, 0.5ml per tray. This will give you a nine day cycle.


Can I use MySmile products if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

It is highly recommended to NOT use MySmile products if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Can I use the Exclusive Kit if I have braces?

We recommend waiting until your braces have been removed for ultimate results. In the meantime, the Charcoal powder and Foam toothpaste are recommended.


What is the minimum age to use MySmile products?

The recommended minimum age to use MySmile products is 18 years of age.


Will the products whiten veneers or caps?

Unfortunately not. Our formulated products only whiten and remove stains from natural teeth.


Will it make my teeth sensitive?

No, however it does depend on the person using the products as some people have more sensitive teeth than others. 95% of our customers don’t suffer from sensitivity after using MySmile products. If you experience sensitivity, you should use the desensitizing gel provided in the Exclusive Kit and Gel Refills package.


What are the benefits of the LED light?

The LED light speeds up the whitening process by up to six times! It breaks down the gel formula and helps the whitening process develop faster results.


What is the expiry date for my gels?

If the Gel formulas are stored in a cool dry place, they will last up to 24 months.


Are the products tested on animals?

Definitely NOT! All of our products are free from animal ingredients nor are they tested on animals.


Are MySmile products safe?

MySmile Teeth Whitening products are 100% safe having been clinically tested and approved.